Providing You With Oxygen and Nitrogen Generators

AirSep PSA Oxygen and Nitrogen Systems

Non-cryogenic, regenerative device that concentrates the gas from an air stream and delivers either an oxygen or a nitrogen source that generally ranges from 93-95 percent (oxygen) to 97-99.999% (nitrogen) at a positive pressure.


AirSep Oxygen

Produce 8 to 5,500 cubic meters of oxygen per hour at up to 95% oxygen concentration (0.21-145 Nm3/Hr)
85-90 PSI (5.8-6.2 Bar)


Environmental Remediation

Fish Farming/Hatcheries (Aquaculture)

Food and Beverage


Mining Operations

Ozone (Generator) Feed Gas

Pulp and Paper Mills

Sewage Treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Water Treatment

AirSep Nitrogen

Produce 437 to 44,671 cubic meters of nitrogen per hour at 99.5% nitrogen concentration(11.68-1195.73 Nm3/Hr)

Chemical and LNG Tankers

Drilling Operations

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

Food and Beverage

Mining Operations

Nitrogen Blanketing/Inerting/Displacement

Nitrogen CO2 Gas Mix Beer Drafting

Oil and Gas HP Tank Manifold Testing

Oil and Gas/Power Generation

Oil and Gas Onshore/Offshore Exploration

Petroleum Refineries

Wastewater Treatment

Water Treatment

Wine Bottle Capping