Ozone Generation Equipment for Water and Air Applications

ClearWater Tech Ozone Technology

ClearWater Tech serves the global market as the leading designer and manufacturer of ozone generation equipment and related components to serve a wide range of water and air purification applications and markets, since 1986.


Our primary role as innovator and leader in the ozone industry is reflected in our core philosophy; delivering highly reliable and efficient ozone systems, excellence in design and product development, highly skilled applications engineering, quality manufacturing, and knowledgable technical and service support. These convictions and strong design and development direction serves to maintain ClearWater Tech’s leadership to stay connected with our customers and the latest technologies.

OEM joint product design and development

Ozone application engineering

Technical and field support

Project commissioning and start-up

Custom turnkey system design

Factory sales and customer service

Product and application training

Product leasing

Marketing collaboration

Specific regulatory certification